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Cylinder Stone Scrubber
Model Dia. × Length (m×m) Max. Material Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Barrel Speed (r/min) Power   (kw)
YTX1530 Φ1.5×3.0 50 70-140 30 55
YTX1836 Φ1.8×3.6 80 120-200 25 75
YTX2145 Φ2.1×4.5 150 180-250 21 110
YTX2450 Φ2.4×5.0 200 230-300 18 160
YTX2760 Φ2.7×6.0 250 280-420 16 220
YTX3075 Φ3.0×7.5 300 400-500 15 2×180
Cylinder stone scrubber or cylinder stone washer is a kind of ore washing machine. The equipment is widely used in various hard-to-wash bulk ores. The washing machine can be divided into two types: cylindrical type and cylindrical plus screen strip type. The latter can divide the washed material into + 40mm and - 40mm two-stage products, and - 40mm can be further scrubbed by double spiral groove washing machine. The material can be divided into + 2mm and - 2mm two-stage products. The washing efficiency can reach about 98%. This combination is the most effective method for difficult-to-wash ores at present.

The working principle of the cylinder stone scrubber is as follows: the cylinder body is supported by four tugs, the motor drives the reducer, and the big and small gears drive the cylinder body to rotate at low speed. Aggregates containing mud and stone powder are fed into the rotating drum from the inlet port. A wear-resistant rubber liner with a certain angle is installed in the cleaning drum, which is continuously lifted and thrown down. It circulates many times during the movement from the feed end to the discharge end, and is washed by flushing water in the direction or in the opposite direction. The clean aggregates are discharged after sieving and dewatering by the discharge end drum. Wastewater containing sludge is discharged through orifice baffles at the discharging or feeding ends.

Compared with spiral stone washer, cylinder stone scrubber has the advantages of large output, low noise and more convenient maintenance. It can be used for desliming and screening of a large number of sand and gravel used in construction sites, sand and gravel factories, prefabrication factories and hydropower sites, as well as ore separation operations.