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asphalt melting equipment

Sinoway asphalt melting equipment is used for decanting asphalt out of drums and heating up asphalt. They make fully use of hot gas of Burner to make asphalt coming out of drums, and use the hot oil heating coils to indirectly heat up asphalt, which can prevent asphalt from aging during heating. They also have the functions of dehydration and automatically removing residue. This series of equipments not only greatly save energy sources and manpower, but also perfectly protect environment.

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Model Production Capacity Asphalt Temp. Number of Drums Per Batch Thermal Capacity
SWAM30 4000kg/h/8818 lb/h 120~160 °C 20 300000 kcal/h
SWAM60 8000kg/h/17637 lb/h 120~160 °C 32 500000 kcal/h
SWAM100 10000kg/h/22046 lb/h 120~160 °C 47 600000 kcal/h