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  • 2022-11-30       New Generation Backhoe Loaders to South America
  • Sinoway 100ZB series backhoe loaders with new design spacious cab completed recently and ready to sail to Latin America. These backhoe loader with robust BAUMACH engine which delivers as much as 100 horse power. State-of-the-art transmission...

  • 2022-10-30       SWG165-II Motor Graders to South America
  • The right motor grader can do just about anything a full sized grader can do and a few things that a big grader cant do, Mr. Juan Jose Canas said. His company just received five SWG165-II motor graders from Sinoway. These road machines will...

  • 2022-09-29       SINOWAY Amphibious Excavator Enters the Salt Lake
  • SWEA260 amphibious swamp excavator is working at the Salt Lake area of Iran. This excavator is a kind of middle size of amphibious equipment which can works in marsh and soft terrain or in waters up to 1.5metres deep. It is equipped with 133...

  • 2022-09-14       Pneumatic Tire Roller to Vietnam
  • Sinoway SWP2030H tire road roller delivered to Vietnam client recently. Pneumatic tire roller, also known as rubber tire roller, is a self-propelled compaction equipment, which is widely used for compaction of subgrade, base course and aspha...

  • 2022-08-29       Straddle Carrier Excavator to Domestic Client
  • SINOWAY just deliver two straddle carrier excavators with 300 ton per hour handling capacity to our client in China. Our SWE210LC-S Straddle excavator is equipped with 112 kw Cummins engine with 2.5 m3 coal bucket Straddle excavator is a kin...
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