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Landfill Compactor

Landfill compactor, also called trash compactor or waste compactor is a kind of heavy duty static compaction machine for garbage disposal. Except the compaction, it has the functions of pushing, crushing and crushing garbage. Compaction function is beneficial to saving land, protecting environment and prolonging the service life of landfill site.
Sinoway can offer all kinds of refuse compactors which operating weight from 20 ton to 33 ton.

Model Engine Model Rated Power Blade Width Operating Weight
SWLC221 Weichai 178kw/238hp 3650mm 21000kg
SWLC223 Weichai 178kw/238hp 3650mm 23000kg
SWLC226 Weichai 178kw/238hp 3800mm 26000kg
SWLC228 SDEC 192kw/257hp 3800mm 28000kg
SWLLC280H Cummins 261kw/350hp 3800mm 28000kg
SWLLC300H Cummins 261kw/350hp 3800mm 30000kg
SWLLC330H Cummins 261kw/350hp 3800mm 33000kg