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Waste Collection Truck
Garbage truck also called waste collection truck is a truck specially used to collect urban garbage and transport it to solid waste treatment facilities such as landfill or transfer station.

Sinoway compressed garbage truck adopts the mechatronic and hydraulic integration technology, with the help of the mechatronic and hydraulic joint automatic control system, and through the special devices such as the carriage, the filler and the pusher, the garbage can be poured in, crushed or flattened, strongly loaded, squeezed into the carriage, compacted and unloaded. Its main features are simple and efficient garbage collection mode, automatic repeated compression and peristaltic compression function, high compression ratio, large loading quality, automatic operation, good power and environmental protection, high vehicle utilization efficiency.

The garbage truck compresses and compacts the garbage, which not only reduces the times of garbage truck transportation, but also avoids the pollution caused by the fluffy flying everywhere.

Model Engine Model Rated Power Overall Dimension
SWGC500 SOFIM 8140 92 kw/125 hp 6846*1962*2440 mm
SWGC16042C10 Cummins 125 kw/170 hp 7300*2300*2750 mm
SWGC21042C16 Cummins 155 kw/210 hp 8600*2500*3150 mm
SWGC3600 Cummins 180 kw/245 hp 9968*2500*3680 mm