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What Sinoway Can Offer
There is no single machine that is perfect for every application, not even the most versatile, we understand that when you run a project, you will need more than one categories of machinery to finish the job, no matter you are going to work it with your own fleet, or you want it done for you. Sinoway offers special package service for project contractors who will be in need of various machine items. No matter you are involved in road construction, house building, river dredging, or mineral mine, we strive to provide the very best combination of machines. With our very best quality delivered and the most sophisticated service team, we will make your projects more profitable. With our large selections of equipment, we are ready to perform on your next working site.

You find the work, and we will get the solution.
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Why Sinoway
Sinoway lower your business risk
When you put your investment and your staff on it, you deserve the best products along with top grade service. Working with Sinoway will minimum your risk and secure your investment and return.

  • Sinoway is a comprehensive company with higher risk-resistant abilities.

    The diversity of our products and business scope bring Sinoway extra risk-resistance abilities, beside the machinery business, Sinoway also own business units as international ocean logistics, ship management. It’s of primary importance that you choose a reliable partner that lasts, and Sinoway is here being with you.
  • Financing Advantages.

    The capital is the first and sustained impetus in the enterprises’s economic activities.

    To raise the funds timely and fully which combination of production factors need is very important to the management and development of any enterprise.

  • On-site service support

    247 hotline services don’t meet the requirements for project running, as we understand that for every project, down-time costs much. Thus for those contractors who signed package purchase contract with Sinoway , we are offering an extra service which is sending our technicians for the key categories to provide on-site technical support, service period could be 7 day’s inspection and training up to 12 months on-site depends on the project conditions. The best machine for your project is an affordable machine with first-class back up which keep the machine always running.

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Sinoway cut your operating cost
It’s always with great return when you focus on something, the same thing happens with purchase. Focus on your purchase with Sinoway, we will cut your cost from the very beginning of sourcing phase, till the end of your projects.

  • Sinoway offers six main categories of products with over 300 items for different applications. We meet your requirement on equipment for most applications of construction works. With machines from one source will greatly reduce your cost on sourcing, purchasing, logistics, etc.
  • With a fleet of Sinoway machines will also drastically easier your parts management as well as maintenance.
Sinoway extend your profits
Sinoway understand well that the matching of machines makes great difference on productivity, sometimes, even a little bit change on the loader bucket,  will raise the utilization of your whole fleet, thus we strive to make proposal with the highest-leverage approach. Even 1% of efficiency we lift, we contribute a lot to your project profit.

We also care about your marginal benefit, to be more specific, we concern about your ROI  (Return on Investment),  as we are aiming at a lasting cooperation with mutual benefits and growth.
Sinoway Simplify your operation
With a know-how professional team with long experience in machinery and construction industry, Sinoway is understood to be a serious but considerable supplier by many general contractors. We treat every client’s project as our own, which enable us to put ourselves in the shoes of clients’. And we always keep in mind that think more and do more for our partners.

Thanks to our extremely efficient procedures, open and clear communication, prompt and effective feedbacks, dealing with Sinoway will bring you simplification as well as comfort.