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Towed Roller
Sinoway impact roller is a kind of dynamic compaction equipment which is towed by the traction machine to drive the 3 sided or 5 sided steel wheel rolling to convert the high potential energy into kinetic energy to impact the subgrade base to generate strong impact energy to the deep layer of the soil. As the density of soil and stone increases, the depth of influence increases gradually, so that the deep layer of soil is compacted with the propagation of shock waves. Through the impact of low frequency, high vibration level and high energy on the soil, the impact compactor can form a continuous and stable reinforced layer with a thickness of about 2 meters under the roadbed, which greatly improves the service life of highway, railway and airport runway.
Our impact compactor is suitable for impact compaction of highway, railway, dam and airport foundation, rock stone, clay and earthwork with large water content.
Except for impact roller, Sinoway can offer rapid impact compaction machine (hammer) or rapid impact compactor for compaction of reclamations project.
Model Tractor Power Impact Power Weight of Roller Shape of Roller
SWIC250 160 KW 25 KJ 12000 KG 3 sided
SWIC300P 190 KW 30 KJ 13700 KG 5 sided
SWIC320 266 KW 32 KJ 16000 KG 3 sided