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Marsh Buggy,Swamp Excavator,Amphibious Excavator SWEA220
Specification Sheet
Model Isuzu AA-6BG
Type Six-cylinder, water cooled, turbocharged, mechanical injection 
Rated power 106.5KW
Main Technical Specification
Operating weight 30000kg
Standard bucket capacity 0.9m3
Slewing speed 11rpm
Sticker digging force 97.64KN
Bucket digging force 122.85KN
Max. Cutting height 10577mm
Max. Dumping height 7810mm
Max. Digging depth 5704mm
Max. Reach 9900mm
Travelling speed 0-5.4km/h
Grade-ability 65%
Ground pressure 0.014MPa
Overall size (L x W x H) 11200mm x 5600mm x 3900mm
Pontoon Length 8500mm
Pontoon Width 1760mm
Pontoon Height 1700mm
Service Capacities
Fuel tank 350L
Hydraulic oil tank 300L
Power pack
Equipped with Cummins/Doosan/Isuzu engine with brute power and low noise output.

Hydraulic System
With a dual-pump, dual-circuit constant power control system, the engine can fully deliver it's power.
The new swing drive motor is specially for amphibious machinery. This motor swing reduction gear minimizes shocks during rotation while making increased swing torque.

Operator Comfort
The Multi-function LCD monitor with large-screen, digital display can comprehensive monitor the working status of the engine( speed, water temperature, oil level, etc.), the operating information of the machine can be checked any time. Multi-language also available for the best understanding of the amphibious excavator information for operator.
The operator station is supported with innovative silicone rubber shock absorber, which minimize the shock brought by the rough terrain and engine or hydraulic vibration and impact transmitted to the cabin, increase the stability of cabin and improve the operators’ sitting quality and operating comfort.

Pontoon Undercarriage
Special designed undercarriage pontoons assure the needed stability and buoyancy. Each pontoon is fitted with steel square hollow track shoes and three strands heavy duty chains to give exceptional mobility on soft terrain and swamp areas.
The pontoons are made of high quality weathering steel, which is 8 times longevity than other ordinary machines.
Additional pontoons and hydraulic spud can be offered when the machine work in open water deeper than 1.5 meters. There are four or two anchoring legs for choice according to different working condition.

Versatility and applications
Our amphibious excavator can be fitted with long reach boom, wide bucket, dredging pump, rake and propellers etc. The amphibious transporter, swamp dumper and amphibious drilling platform also can be available once clients need. Our swamp buggy excavator can apply in swamps and soft terrain construction, maintenance and cleaning of rivers, lakes, shorelines, ponds, dredging, landscaping and mining industry.

Modular Design
Our amphibious excavator is easy to transport from one job site to another with modular design. The superstructure and pontoon undercarriage can be easily transported by lowboy. The assembly of the machine on site is very easy. After placing the pontoons the upper structure can simply be mounted and all can be done within two hour.