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Marsh Buggy,Wetland Excavator,Amphibious Excavator SWEA260
Specification Sheet
Model Isuzu CC-6BG
Type Six-cylinder, water cooled, turbocharged, mechanical injection 
Rated power 125KW
Main Technical Specification
Operating weight 42000kg
Standard bucket capacity 1.1m3
Slewing speed 11rpm
Sticker digging force 110KN
Bucket digging force 150KN
Max. Cutting height 10980mm
Max. Dumping height 8140mm
Max. Digging depth 6940mm
Max. Reach 10290mm
Travelling speed 0-5.4km/h
Grade-ability 65%
Ground pressure 0.0135MPa
Overall size (L x W x H) 12500mm x 6100mm x 3950mm
Pontoon Length 10200mm
Pontoon Width 1760mm
Pontoon Height 1700mm
Service Capacities
Fuel tank 350L
Hydraulic oil tank 300L
  • Reliable Isuzu engine takes poor fuel with low consumption
  • Kawasaki or Doosan main hydraulics
  • Tracked pontoon structure with 3 drive chains
  • With 3 compartments in each pontoon
  • Reinforced pontoons, high grade steel with antirust treatment and high torsion resistance.
  • Large pontoon size for better floating and stable operating.
  • Easy inner maintenance and repairing accesses of pontoons.