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Specification Sheet
Gross weight 40 ton
Max. payload 15 ton
Engine Cummins
Type 6-cylinders, water cool, turbocharging
Rated power 240 kw (325 hp) /2200 rmp
Max. pressure 320 MPa
Max. flow 2×360 L/min
Main pump Doosan
Multi-way valve Doosan
Control valve Doosan
Travel motor Doosan
Travel speed on land 0~3.0 km/h
Travel speed on water 0~1.0 km/h
Grade ability 30°
Crane capacity 8 ton
Crane’s working radius 9.7 m
Hydraulic winch’s max pulling force 20 ton
Hydraulic winch’s total rope length 50 m
Ground pressure 0.125 Kgf/cm2
Overall size (L × W × H) 10200×6200×3500 mm
Width of pontoon, length of pontoon 2400 mm/1800 mm
Platform size (L × W × H) 8500×6000×2000 mm
Cabin All-steel broad cab, 360 visual angle, centralized control operator panel, ratating chair, air conditioner
No matter swamp soft rough terrain or water land and coastal, our amphibious transporter can transport cargo or personnel in four season anywhere at any time.

Power Supply
At the heart of each our amphibious equipment a world-class engine Cummins/Doosan/Isuzu will be found. The engines produce bigger output and torque, and far better fuel consumption, which make the machine more productivity.

Multi Synchronous Drive System
Proprietary multi-synchronous drive motor design. Motors are mounted on front and rear of each pontoon. It offers superior tracking power as compared to a single motor design.

Pontoon Undercarriage
Pontoons are made from weathering steel which is till 8 times more corrosion resistance than normal steel. Each pontoon is with three independent watertight compartments, hermetically sealed. Heavy duty muti-strand chains on each pontoon. Dual-layer bottom plate structures ensure the pontoon for a much longer service life.

Supplementary Pontoons and hydraulic spuds (optional)
Sub pontoons can be added on each side to boost stability in deeper water operation.
Spud piles attach to side pontoons help to overcome buoyancy effect, it offers added stability and enhanced operability.

Modular Design
Designed to be easily transported by low bed trailer. Amphibious modules and attachments are designed to be able to fit into 40 ft container. Both the assembly and disassembly processes can be achieved in under 3 hours if equipped with proper tools and crane.
No special tooling is required for the assembly and disassembly process.

We can also offer other amphibious equipment such as amphibious excavator, amphibious drilling platform and swamp dumper to meet your needs.