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Articulated Dump Truck SWADT400
Specification Sheet
Model Benz OM502
Rated power 350KW
Main Technical Specification
Kerb weight 34000kg
Payload 39000kg
2:1Heaped 22.9m³ / 24m³
Driving model 6 x 6
Max. speed 60 km/h
Overall size (L x W x H) 10690mm x 3370mm x 3793mm
Wheel base 4450+1940mm
Sinoway SWADT400 Articulated trucks are designed for working in rugged and rough terrain condition. They are known for maneuverability and wide variety of applications in earthmoving works. Our articulated dump trucks have the capability to do almost any works at anywhere.

Excellent performance
Equipped with MTU engine has strong power, meets the requirements of efficient operation, low fuel consumption, and fully meets the international environmental emission and noise standards.
German ZF transmission, with its own torque converter and hydraulic retarder to meet the requirements of low-speed, large torque and uniform downhill speed of vehicles, has strong road adaptability and super road pass ability.
The new generation of intelligent electronic control system integrates intelligence, environmental protection, safety and integration, records the fault information of vehicles, with data interface, supports data reading and editing. The on-board diagnostic system can effectively reduce the downtime and improve the availability of vehicles.

Strong, efficient and durable
The frame of our articulated hauler is composed of articulated hitch, front frame and rear frame. Articulated hitch allows the rear frame to free oscillate and rotate, relative to the front frame, ensure all of the driving wheels shall be good contact with the ground in order to provide excellent mobility and stability of the high speed transport capacity.
Body adopts full welder structure with HB400 high strength wear-resistant steel plate. Bigger Dump angle, larger ground clearance and lower loading height make it very helpful for rapid loading and unloading of materials.
The suspension system adopts rubber shock absorber, which can absorb the impact of vehicle starting, braking and uneven road surface, play a buffer role, and greatly improve the service life of vehicles.
The vehicle adopts full hydraulic wet disc brake and independent brake cooling system, which improves the environmental adaptability of brake and the safety of brake and vehicle.

Enjoyment of high quality driving
The new luxurious and comfortable rider system is designed by ergonomics. The luxurious and comfortable large cab adopts ROPS structure, supplemented by luxurious configuration, exquisite accessories and considerate details. The ride experience and operation comfort are upgraded comprehensively. The average distribution of shock absorbers can reduce the vibration of the cab and make the driving environment more comfortable and safe.
High-power air conditioning, heating and cooling, and with multi-duct three-dimensional air supply system, equipped with advanced sound system, all kinds of operation is more convenient and comfortable, accessible.
Large rearview mirror, wide front windshield and reversing image system ensure that the vehicle has a good overall vision.

Convenient maintenance
The working condition parameters of the whole dump truck are displayed by color LCD screen, which is beautiful and impressive. Timely reminder of vehicle maintenance, user experience is more relaxed and comfortable.
The hood has the function of turning forward, which facilitates the maintenance and maintenance of key components such as engine and gearbox, and improves the convenience of operation.
The whole vehicle adopts automatic lubrication system, which makes maintenance faster and more convenient.