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Sinoway series asphalt batching plant adopts compulsion mixing process, introduced latest technology from the top mixing equipment of the world. It adopts exclusive modularization design, on site bus-mastering technology, featured with reliability, easy installation, convenient operation and environmental protection, widely used in construction area like high level road, civil construction, airport and seaport. It could product qualified asphalt compound under any circumstance. The technology and performance had reached the global advanced level, leading in domestic.

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Model General Power Production Capacity Mixing Cycle Type
SWABP500 150 kw/201 hp 48000 kg/h/105822 lb/h 45 s Stationary
SWABP750 189 kw/253 hp 64000 kg/h/141095 lb/h 45 s Stationary
SWABP1000 230 kw/308 hp 80000 kg/h/176370 lb/h 45 s Stationary
SWABP1200 304 kw/407 hp 100000 kg/h/220462 lb/h 45 s Stationary
SWABP1500 310 kw/416 hp 120000 kg/h/264555 lb/h 45 s Stationary
SWABP2000 416 kw/558 hp 160000 kg/h/352740 lb/h 45 s Stationary
SWABP200M 63.5kw/85 hp 20000 kg/h/44092 lb/h 180 s Mobile
SWABP300M 104.5kw/140 hp 30000 kg/h/66139 lb/h 180 s Mobile
SWABP400M 125kw/168 hp 40000 kg/h/88185 lb/h 180 s Mobile
SWABP600M 157.5 kw/211 hp 60000 kg/h/132277 lb/h 90 s Mobile
SWABP800M 200 kw/268 hp 80000 kg/h/176370 lb/h 90 s Mobile