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Lagos State Starts Large-Scale Dredging of Canals

Tunji Bello, the environment and water resources commissioner of Lagos state, said that the state was ready to mitigate any impact of the flood.

According to Bello, the state has started large-scale dredging and cleaning of all primary and secondary collectors in the state through the Drainage Services and Water Resources Office.

He said: "In addition, new channels have been built and emergency flood control teams with rapid response have been deployed to free up manholes and black spots, all of which are to ensure that the drainage system can operate at the optimal capacity to accommodate runoff.".

According to the National News, the commissioner added that Lagos has been monitoring the Ogon River which flows directly into Lagos lagoon.

In addition, he said that Lagos may be affected by floods because the manager Ogun River Basin Development Authority regularly releases rainwater from the Oyan Dam.

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