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SINOWAY Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compaction Rig in Middle East

Sinoway SWRD85 high energy rapid impact compaction hammer is working in a project in Middle East.

Rapid impact compaction (RIC) is a foundation improvement technology that makes shallow, loose and granular soil dense. The soil treated by this method will increase the density, friction angle and overall stiffness, so as to improve the bearing capacity and reduce the settlement of the planned structure.

Rapid impact compaction includes the hydraulic high-frequency hammer or high-energy rammer mounted on the excavator repeatedly hitting the circular plate on the ground, and then the energy is safely and efficiently transmitted to the ground. This method densifies the shallow granular soil and repeatedly impacts the impact plate on the ground with a hydraulic pilling hammer. The energy is transferred to the loose soil below, and the particles are recombined into a denser layer. Rapid impact compaction compacts the loose fill with a depth of 6 m or more. Other benefits of rapid compaction include improving the bearing capacity of the soil, minimizing settlement, and providing uniform support for the foundation.

Sinoway SWRD85 hydraulic high energy rapid compaction rig consists of a hydraulic hammer mounted on an excavator which operating weight is from 40 ton to 60 ton. Hydraulic hammer with 7 ton weight drops from heights between 0.3 m to 1.4 m, onto a 1.25 m steel foot. Impacts repeated at a rate ranging from 40 up to 60 blows per minute plunge the steel foot creating a crater and each rapid blow will produce 84 KJ dynamic energy. It is controlled by the excavator operator. The instruments in the cab enable the operator to set target standards specific to each project and monitor and control the required compaction electronically.

Thanks to its safety, accuracy and rapidity, rapid impact compactor is widely used in loose sandy soil sites with low silt and clay content, hydraulic filling and gravel filling sites, as well as contaminated soil and landfill sites.

At present, Sinoway can offer the rapid impact compaction rigs which weight range from 6.5 ton to 16 ton.


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