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Impact Roller SWIC320
Specification Sheet
Specification of Tractor
Model SWT360
Operating weight 16000kg
Overall dimension  5975×2750×3320 (mm)
Turning radius (outside) 5800mm
Minimum ground clearance 360mm
Wheelbase 3000mm
Maximum traction force 126kN@ 1st gear / 106kN@ 2nd gear
Theoretical climbing ability 6% (traction working) / 60% (non working)
Forward speed (km/h) 0~10.5 for 1st gear; 0~16.0 for 2nd gear; 0~29 for 3rd gear
Reverse speed (km/h) 0~10.5 for 1st gear; 0~16.0 for 2nd gear; 0~29 for 3rd gear
Drive type 4×4
Engine  Weichai
Engine power / speed 266kw (360PS)/2200r/min
Engine type Diesel /direct injection /supercharged
Steering system Full hydraulic steering
Transmission system Power shfit transmission
Number of transmission gears F3 & R3
Final drive type Hub reduction
Specification of Impact Compactor
Model SWIC320
Impact power 32KJ
Operating weight 16 ton
Compaction 95~98%
Tractive power ≥260 KW
Travelling speed 10~15 km/h
Min.turning radius 6000 mm
Towing height 960 mm
Shock absorber 12*2 sets
Overall dimension 3880*2980*2450mm
Wheel base 1100mm
Width of roller 2*900m
Damping mode Hydraulic, nitrogen, spring, rubber bumper
Tire size 8.25-15
Shape of roller Trilateral