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Material Handler SWCMH600
Specification Sheet
Engine  266kw
Electric motor  200kw
Fuel tank   330L
Walking System
Walking speed   3.6/5.6km/h
Max. traction force 280KN
Grade ability   30%
Hydraulic System
Max. flow  2 x 360L/min
Max. working pressure  31MPa
Hydraulic oil tank  440L
Pilot pressure 3.8MPa
Main Performance Parameters 
Total weight  60t
Max. lifting moment  70t.m
Max. swing speed  10r/min
Max. swing torque 125KN.m
Machine length  13561m
Machine height  3600mm
Machine width   3250mm
Track length  5254mm
Maximum lift height of the cab  5300mm
Tail turning radius   4412mm
Turntable height off the ground  1362mm
Turntable width  3251mm
Width of walking platform  627mm
Transportation dimensions exclude width of the walking platform. 
The cap is optional: Rigid cab / heightened cab / elevation cab