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Mobile Service Trucks

Whether you're working hard in mining or getting the power back up after a big storm, you need a mobile service truck that's ready for anything. SINOWAY Mobile service truck is a kind of vehicle-mounted mobile grease centralized filling station, which is composed of power station (air pressure/hydraulic), oil storage system (thin oil, dry oil, cleaning fluid, antifreeze fluid, etc.) and filling system (pump, pipe reel, metering filling gun, etc.). It can fill motor oil, gear oil, cleaning fluid, antifreeze hydraulic oil, grease and other fluids. The power station provides power to the pump through diesel engine or external energy sources, which can inject various kinds of grease into dispersed and mobile construction machinery, and has the functions of loading grease and cleaning vehicles. Mobile grease filling truck is mainly used to provide lubricating fluid transmission to large-scale vehicle equipment such as cross-country or construction; through routine maintenance of equipment, the loss caused by continuous repair or replacement of spare parts can be reduced, equipment standby time can be minimized, and the working efficiency of mechanical equipment can be improved.

Model Engine Model Rated Power Payload Driving Mode
SWST42066G WP12.420 309kw/420hp 26200 kg 6X6