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Combination Vibratory Roller SWCC210H
Specification Sheet
Model Cummins
Rated power 82KW
Main Technical Specification
Operating weight 10000kg
Static linear load 250N/cm
Vibration amplitude 0.74/0.35mm
Centrifugal force 115/85mm
Vibration frequency 40/50Hz
Travelling speed 0-12km/h
Grade-ability 30%
Ground pressure 30Mpa
Transmission Hydrostatic
Overall dimension 4700X1900X3100mm
Drum diameter 1150mm
Drum width 1730mm
quantity of rear tire Q4
Min. turning radius 6500mm
Wheel base 3300mm
  • Equipped with CUMMINS diesel engine, good starting performace.
  • Fully hydrostatic driving for front drum & rear wheels, front drum vibrating.
  • Large volume water tank, electrically controlled sprinkling device, adjustable mud scraper device.
  • Double seats, dual control, comfortable and reliable in operation.
  • Adopting compound mode of the front steel wheel & the rear tires, the compaction effect is good.
  • The low speed & high torque motor used for transmission.
  • Crab mechanism makes the front & rear frame staggered about 170mm when working, ensuring better compacting performance.
  • Structure with width of wheels larger than width of body makes view and control easier when working.
  • In case whole machine's brake system lose power unecpectedly, machine can automatically realize emergency braking without any power.
  • Compound mode for the front drum and rear wheels provide better compacting effect.