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Marsh Buggy,Wetland Excavator,Amphibious Excavator SWSC100
Specification Sheet
Gross weight 30 ton
Max. payload 10 ton
Engine Cummins
Type 6-cylinders, water cool, turbocharging
Rated power 186 kw (250 hp)/2200 rmp
Max. pressure 320 MPa
Max. flow 2 × 360 L/min
Main pump Doosan
Multi-way valve Doosan
Control valve Doosan
Travel motor Doosan
Travel speed on land 0~2.4 km/h
Travel speed on water 0~0.8 km/h
Grade ability 30°
Crane capacity 8 ton
Crane’s working radius 9.7 m
Hydraulic winch’s max pulling force 20 ton
Hydraulic winch’s total rope length 50 m
Ground pressure 0.125 Kgf/cm2
Overall size (L × W × H) 9500×6050×4100 mm
Width of pontoon, length of pontoon 2010 mm/1700 mm
Platform size (L × W × H) 8500×6000×2100 mm
Cabin All-steel broad cab, 360 visual angle, centralized control operator panel, ratating chair, air conditioner
SWSC100 amphibious transporter vehicle is specifically designed to manoeuvre in marshy, swampy area and soft terrain, and it can also float on water as an added safety feature. It is completely self-propelled and can virtually access all terrains. Our amphibious cargo carrier consist of an undercarriage and an upper structure with cabin, engine and platform. It can be equipped with winches and cranes according to different working conditions. At the same time, it can be refitted into swamp drilling platforms according to the situation.

The Pontoons undercarriage are made from weathering steel which is till 8 times more corrosion resistance than normal steel. Each pontoon is with three independent watertight compartments, hermetically sealed. Heavy duty three strand chains on each pontoon. Dual-layer bottom plate structures ensure the pontoon for a much longer service life.

The hydraulic traveling motors as well as the hydraulic hosed are well protected by the full sealed container which minimize the possibility of damage these parts when working in swamp or water area.

Amphibious carrier buggy is with modular design and can be assembled and dismantled within few hours. There are no special permits required. The height, width and length of machines comply with transport norms.

Our other amphibious equipment is including amphibious excavator, amphibious drilling platform and swamp dump truck.