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Sinoway is leading the way in asphalt distributor innovation and technology in China. With the precision control on spraying, Sinoway asphalt distributor is good for applications covering prime coat, water-proof coat, as well as the tack coat for highway construction projects. The versatility of our bitumen distributor enable the spaying of hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt and modified asphalt.
Sinoway asphalt distributors are engineered to deliver accurate, uniform and economical applications of liquid asphalt. We have intelligent bitumen distributors with full automatic control, making a superior machine even better, and also provide the environmentally friendly and efficiency.

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Model Engine Model Rated Power Max. Distribute Width Asphalt Capacity
SWS0440GLQ CY4102-C3D 80 kw/108 hp 4000 mm/13.1 ft 4000 L/1056 gal
SWS0745GLQ Yuchai YC6J190-30 140 kw/190 hp 4500 mm/14.76 ft 6500 L/1717 gal
SWS0845GLQ Yuchai YC6J190-33 196 kw/263 hp 4500 mm/14.76 ft 8000 L/2113 gal
SWSI0745GLQ Yuchai YC6J190-30 140 kw/190 hp 4500 mm/14.76 ft 6500 L/1717 gal
SWSI0860GLQ Steyr tech.MC05 151 kw/202 hp 6000 mm/19.6 ft 8000 L/2113 gal
SWSI1360GLQ Steyr tech. D10.27 196 kw/263 hp 6000 mm/19.6 ft 13000 L/3434 gal