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Off-road truck

The toughest mining conditions require the top mining dump trucks for mineral haulage. The range of Sinoway rigid mining dump trucks with payload ranging from 20 ton to 100 ton, meets the demand requirements of most mining, quarrying, and heavy construction applications.
Sinoway off-road mining trucks have been specially designed with a rugged and robust frame to provide superior levels of productivity in the roughest terrain. The dump trucks have been equipped with the latest technologies to offer not only high performance in the most arduous application, but also a safe and comfortable environment for the operator. We are proud that Sinoway mining trucks are now contributing towards many mine pits.

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Mining Dump Truck(Economic Type)
Model Engine Model Rated Power Payload Dump Body Capacity(Heaped)
SWMT350AC WECHAI 309 kw/420 hp 35000 kg/77160 lb 22 m3/29 yd3
SWMT500T WD12.375 276 kw/374 hp 50000 kg/110230 lb 25 m3/32.6 yd3
SWMT600T WD12.420 With WEVB 309 kw/415 hp 60000 kg/132276 lb 26 m3/33.9 yd3
SWMT700T WD12.420 With WEVB 309 kw/415 hp 70000 kg/154322 lb 30 m3/39.1 yd3
Mining Dump Truck
Model Engine Model Rated Power Payload Dump Body Capacity(Heaped)
SWORT280R Cummins M11-C300 224 kw/304 hp 28000 kg/61729 lb 18 m3/23.5 yd3
SWORT350R Cummins QSM11 245 kw/333 hp 32000 kg/70547 lb 21.1 m3/27.5 yd3
SWORT500R Cummins QSX15-C 392 kw/526 hp 45000 kg/99208 lb 27.5 m3/36.0 yd3
SWORT600R Cummins QSX19 485 kw/651 hp 54430 kg/119998 lb 35.0 m3/46.0 yd3
SWORT1000R Cummins KAT38 783 kw/1064 hp 91000 kg/200620 lb 57 m3/74.5 yd3