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Asphalt pavement now is one of the building blocks for road construction. Sinoway asphalt paver collection is best for your paving applications. From 4.5 meters paving width wheeled asphalt paver, to 12.5 meters width full hydraulic crawler asphalt paver, there is right paver for your pavement project.

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Crawler Asphalt Paver
Model Engine Model Rated Power Max. Pave Width Max. Pave Thick
SWAP45CH Cummins 4BT3.9 93 kw/125 hp 2~4.5 m/6.6~14.8 ft 10~200 mm/0.39~7.87 in
SWAP70C Cummins QSB3.9 93 kw/125 hp 3~7 m/9.8~23.0 ft 20~300 mm/0.79~11.81 in
SWAP75CH Shangchai SC8D190 140 kw/188 hp 2.5~7.5 m/8.2~24.6 ft 20~350 mm/0.79~13.78 in
SWAP90C Deutz BF6L913 112 kw/150 hp 3~9 m/9.8~29.5 ft 20~320 mm/0.79~12.60 in
SWAP90CH Deutz BF6M1013 140 kw/188 hp 3~9 m/9.8~29.5 ft 20~350 mm/0.79~13.78 in
SWAP8620 Deutz 182 kw/243 hp 12 m/39.4 ft 300 mm/11.7 in
Wheel Asphalt Paver
Model Engine Model Rated Power Max. Pave Width Max. Pave Thick
SWAP45 Cummins QSB3.9 60 kw/80 hp 2.5~4.5 m/8.2~14.8 ft 10~250 mm/0.39~9.84 in
SWAP45H SDEC SC4H 73.5 kw/101 hp 2.0~4.5 m/6.5~14.8 ft 30~150 mm/1.17~5.85 in
SWAP60 Cummins QSB3.9 81 kw/110 hp 2.8~6 m/9.2~19.7 ft 10~250 mm/0.39~9.84 in
SWAP60H Cummins 4BT3.9 93 kw/125 hp 2.5~6 m/8.2~19.7 ft 10~250 mm/0.39~9.84 in