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articulated dump truck

Articulated dump truck (ADT), namely articulated hauler,usually have the characteristics of full-wheel drive. They are a kind of earthwork transport machinery with strong versatility in large-scale construction of mining industry and various industries. Because of the special structure, they can adapt to harsh climate, transport goods on rugged terrain and have high availability. The key of articulated trucks is to connect the front and back parts. The principle of the articulator is similar to that of the universal joint. Each part has its own frame, the former part is equipped with engine and its operating system, cab; the latter part is equipped with hopper and dump device, which connects the power part of the car with the loading part through the hinged head. The hinged head is directly connected with the front frame or rear frame of the car, and the vehicle has good driving performance by connecting the vertical and horizontal hinges. Some parts of the car can turn left or right to 45 degrees in the horizontal plane relative to the other parts, or even "fold" together. In addition, the front and rear frames can rotate independently and independently around the common longitudinal axis in a plane perpendicular to the common longitudinal axis. Because the folding angle of the two parts of the frame forms when the articulated truck turns, the turning radius of the outer contour of the vehicle decreases, while the turning radius of the inner contour increases, which makes it possible for the truck to pass in a narrow passage. The two parts of the body may rotate relative to the common longitudinal axis. It can obviously reduce the wheel runout in the vertical direction of the suspension system.

Articulated Dump Truck
Model Engine Model Rated Power Payload Dump Body Capacity(Heaped)
SWADT400 Benz OM502 350 kw / 476 hp 39000 kg 22.9m3 / 24m3