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ADB has provided the Government of Guinea with a grant of US$2 million for research on deep-water port projects

The Ministry of Planning and Economic Development of Guinea issued a press release on 30 May. On 27 May, the Government of Guinea signed a grant agreement with the African Development Bank. Ms. Madame Kanny DIALLO, Minister of Planning and Economic Development of Guinea, and Mr. Alexandre BASSOLE, Chief Representative of the Non-Bank Permanent Representative Office in Guinea, signed the cooperation agreement on behalf of the Guinean Government and the Non-Bank respectively. The Minister of Geology and Mines of Guinea, Magasuba, attended the signing ceremony.

Guinea National Television reported the signing ceremony in the local time 21:00 p.m. News Broadcasting (Note: During Ramadan, the start time of news broadcasting was adjusted from 20:30 to 21:00 p.m.).

According to the agreement, the non-development bank provided several governments with a free grant of US$2 million for the feasibility study and environmental assessment of Bokai Deep-water Port Project.

Following the signing ceremony, Ms. Diallo, Minister of Planning and Economic Development of Guinea, and Mr. Basol, Chief Representative of the Permanent Representative Office of the Bank of Non-Development in Guinea, interviewed journalists from several national television stations and introduced the Bocai Port Project.

1. The Guinean government plans to build a large modern deep-water port in the coastal area of R gion de Bok E.

2. The deep-water port is a multi-purpose and multi-functional modern large-scale port, which will be mainly used for the export of bauxite and other mineral resources after completion. In addition, it will also be used for the export of import and export goods by sea and for the berthing and unloading of industrial fishing vessels.

3. The port will be able to accommodate more than 200,000 tons of large bulk carriers. After completion, it will effectively promote the export of bauxite and other mineral resources in Bokai region.

4. The $2 million gratuitous grant provided by the non-development bank will be used for the feasibility study of the port project, i.e. to select the most suitable location for the construction of a deep water port in the coastal area of Bokai after comparison and selection of the best, to conduct research and environmental assessment, and to formulate a preliminary project plan.

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