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Ghana is set to build a new modern airport in the western region

The Ghanaian government has announced plans to construct a new modern airport in the western region to receive larger aircraft and serve the oil and gas industry. Mr. Joseph Kofiada, the aviation minister, revealed the plans and said that the Ministry was seeking 3,000 land for development.

Mr. Kofi Adda explained that the airport project followed the influx of businesses, ostensibly from the discovery of oil and gas in the region, making the air base relatively small to accommodate the air traffic of large aircraft.

"The air base built in mid-1940, which brought soldiers to Accra and elsewhere, has undergone several repairs, but the size is still unable to receive larger aircraft. The region has abundant natural resources, so it needs an airport in line with the region's status, "Mr. Kofi Adda said.

New Modern airports will have longer runways, towers, radar and other accessories to accommodate the oil city, as well as hotels, schools, shopping malls and airport cities similar to Accra Airport City.

The minister said that the investment in the project was about 100m, adding that about five memorandums of understanding (MoU) had been signed with companies and agencies that were ready to operate at the airport that had not yet been built.

"We are waiting for the Ministry of Finance to let us continue our work before the end of this year. Tamari and Kumasi airports are also being expanded to receive larger aircraft, which will bring more businesses and jobs to these areas.

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