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Machine Chip,Chipping Spreader,Chip Spreader SWSS1631B
Specification Sheet
Main Technical Specification
Max. spreading width 3100mm
Aggregating specification S3—S24mm
Spreading capacity 0.5—50m3/km2
Working speed 10—20km2/h
Total width 2400mm
Hanging part 1500mm
Total weight 1.3t
Overall dimensions 1900*2500*2100 (L*W*H)
Chassis Technical Requirements
Batteries DC12×2
Hydraulic tank capacity ≥60L
Dump body width(inside) 2300±10mm
Dump body side rake ≤2°
Dump body back boundary line straightness ≤2mm
Dump body back column verticality ≤2mm
  • The aggregates strobe can be easily adjusted to control spreading quantity according to road constructing requirement.
  • Spreading quantity also can be controlled by the rotate speed of motor.
  • The spreading width can be adjusted by opening or closing some strobes.