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chip spreader

Sinoway chipping spreader is used for spreading chippings in the process of constructing road. It is used for spreading chips as underlying seal coat of higher-graded road and surface seal coat of lower-graded road construction, especially for large-scale continuous road construction work.

  • Machine Chip
  • Road Rollers
  • Chipping Spreader
  • Self-propelled Chipping Spreader
Model Engine Model Rated Power Max. Spread Width Spread Capacity
SWSS1631B N/A N/A 3.1 m/10.17 ft 0.5~50 m3/km2/0.65~65.4 yd3/km2
SWSS4000 Weichai WD615.50 199 kw 4.0 m/13.12 ft 2~30 m3/km2/2.6~39.2 yd3/km2
SWSS6000 Cummins QSB6.7 191 kw 6 m/19.68 ft 2~30 m3/km2/2.6~39.2 yd3/km2