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Machine Chip,Chipping Spreader,Chip Spreader SWSS4000
Specification Sheet
Model WD615.50
Type Water cooled turbocharged
Rated power 199kw
Rated speed 2200rpm
Main Technical Specification
Spreading width 250-4000mm
Spreading speed 2.5-3.6km/h
Max.running speed 23
Spreading capacity 2-30m3/km2
Aggregate size 3-40mm
Overall length 7270mm
Overall width 2855mm
Overall height 2855mm
  • Large spreading quantity to meet a variety of aggregate spreading requirements and high efficient equipment which can meet the large continuous construction.
  • An even spreading work can be ensured by controlling the roller speed and speed proportionally and the spreading amount can not be affected by the speed.
  • The auger speed and roller speed is synchronized, in favor of material transmission and separation prevention.
  • The travel system adopts power driven gear used in truck, which is featured by reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
  • Self-locking traction hook can realize the easy connection and disconnection between spreader and truck during continuous spraying.
  • The adopted high-power diesel engine has strong power and the margin of power can be adapted to spreading in all conditions and resist the dramatic change in loading.
  • Making use of the auto pneumatic control principle to make the brake and clutch controlling flexible, safe and reliable.
  • Adopting two independent braking systems to facilitate the safety of traveling.
  • Adopting advanced clutch with gas booster to greatly reduce the control force.