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Gold Ore Calcination Rotary Kiln To Go

Sinoway just deliver one set rotary kiln for gold ore to our African client. The rotary kiln is composed of a cylinder body, a supporting device, with gear wheel supporting device, driving device, a movable kiln head, kiln sealing device, coal dust pipe device etc.. The kiln body is sloping, the whole kiln body is composed of roller supporting device, and a wheel blocking device controlling the kiln body, transmission system, in addition to setting up the main drive, it is also equipped with auxiliary transmission device to drive the kin body to rotate and prevent the bending deformation of the kiln body in case of the main power source fault, kiln head and tail sealing device adopts advanced technology, to ensure the reliability of sealing.

The advantage of Sinoway Rotary Kiln as follows,

1. Advanced slide bearing, set up automatic temperature measuring device and electrical heating device, and equipped with option of rolling bearing.

2. Hydraulic gear wheel device equipped with the advanced hydraulic control system.

3. Using Dc motor or frequency variable motor to control rotational speed, reliable operation, and efficient energy-saving

4. The plate under box tire could be fixed, adjustable and floating, it is of a simple structure, and convenient to maintain and replace.

5. According to the different kiln, a variety of sealing solutions are optional, such as cylinder pressure tight end sealing, spring pressure tight end seal, heavy hammer graphite block seal, spring graphite block seal, fish scale labyrinth seal, axial labyrinth seal and the combination of the above methods, good adaptation and sealing effect to vibrating cylinder .

Sinoway can offer all kinds of rotary kilns with different capacity to meet requirement of our clients.


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