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3-sided and 5-sided Impact Rollers to Oceania

At the end of the year of 2021, we just delivered to two impact compaction rollers to Australia client. One model is SWIC320 with 32KJ energy and trigonal drum, the other model is SWIC300P with 30KJ energy and pentagon drum.

Sinoway Impact rollers or called the high energy impact compactors (HEIC) is essentially a non-circular-shaped, tow-behind solid steel roller that typically varies in weight from about 9 to 16.5 tons. The dynamic impact compaction energy is transferred to the soil by means of the lifting and falling motion of the non-circular rotating mass. The type of roller depends on the soil type and moisture regime and depth of treatment needed.

Conventional vibratory rollers have an impact depth of about 300 mm in cohesive soils, while impact rollers have an impact depth of 700 to 2500 mm in cohesive soils. In non-viscous materials, the depth of influence is recorded at 3 to 4 m.

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