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3 Sided Impact Compactors to Middle East

At the middle of March, Sinoway delivered two units three sided impact roller to our Middle East clients. These machines will arrive at working site in the early of April and will service for reclamation project in local.

High-energy impact rollers (IR) are a rolling drum structure of non-circular shape, normally with trilateral and pentagon drums. During roll compacting, potential energy that be reversed when farthest point away drum axial contacts on ground is diverted into kinetic energy at the moment when the nearest point reaches the ground to strike the ground surface, in addition to instant release of hydraulic energy, commonly exert onto the ground to realize high compaction. The impact rollers are none self-propelled machine. And they need to be towed by a tractor running at speeds of 10-15km/h. A number of passes are undertaken to ensure the compacting energy is applied evenly across the treatment area.

Sinoway can offer you 3 sided & 5 sided impact compactors with from 25Kj to 32 Kj impact power will cut client's compaction costs and contract program time tremendously.


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