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Full Set Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) machine to Poland

Sinoway just turn over one whole set RIC machine to our customer in Poland. This RIC machine is including one hydraulic impact hammer with 6 ton drop weight, one wheel loader and one 3-sided high-energy impact roller with 30 Kj power.

Different from mountable on a regular hydraulic crawler excavator, Sinoway hydraulic rapid impact hammer is mounted on a 5 ton wheel loader and can be mobilized in minutes from arrival on site. Impacts repeated at a rate ranging from 40 up to 80 blows per minute plunge the steel foot creating a crater. The control system installed in the operator’s cab allows for controlling the compaction process and recording the parameters such as impact energy or foot penetration. It can also be used to change the height from which the hammer is dropped. A big advantage of the RIC method is its mobility and relatively small size of the equipment unit which allows for carrying out the works in areas with difficult access.

Our this rapid impact compaction attachment or unit can produce 42 kj power easily and suitable for compaction of narrow area in shallow ground improvement projects.

Except this hydraulic impact hammer, one high-energy impact roller can be also towed in the behind of this wheel loader to compact bulk area of highway, railway, dam and airport foundation, rock stone, clay and earthwork with large water content or other soil improvement projects.

The soil compaction machines we have produced have proven their worth repeatedly. Except from impact compactors and hydraulic impact hammer, SINOWAY can offer other soil compaction machines too. For more information, pls contact our dealers in local or contact us directly through our official email: sinoway@sinoway-sh.com


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