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Pneumatic Tire Roller to Vietnam

Sinoway SWP2030H tire road roller delivered to Vietnam client recently. Pneumatic tire roller, also known as rubber tire roller, is a self-propelled compaction equipment, which is widely used for compaction of subgrade, base course and asphalt mixture. These types of road roller are suitable for soft foundation materials or loose soil and fine sand layers. The pneumatic roller is a rubber tire rather than a steel tire or roller, with two tandem axles, four or five tires on the front axle and five or six tires on the rear axle. The tires are installed in pairs and can swing, so the tires can move down to the soft point, and the soft point will become a barrier for the steel drum roller. There is a gap between the tires provided in the front and rear tires. This gap is filled by the movement of the tire to achieve a uniform compaction effect and avoid tire marks.

In additional this kind roller can be ballasted to adjust the weight according to different working condition and project requirement.

SINOWAY SWP2030H pneumatic tire compactor is equipped with SDEC powerful diesel engine with 140 kw (190 hp). Closed hydrostatic transmission system ensures that the road roller has good driving performance and high climbing capacity, and the climbing capacity is as high as 25%. It can realize the soft start and soft stop performance of the roller. Two step stepless speed change ensures that the operation is carried out at the most appropriate speed under different working conditions, and can meet the needs of compaction and transfer of the construction site respectively.

The intermittent sprinkler system is equipped with multi-stage water filters to meet the needs of different working conditions, prolong the service life of the water pump and avoid shutdown due to waterway failure.

Spacious and bright air-conditioned cab, with wide vision, comfortable and comfortable; The main and auxiliary double position control completely avoids the compaction dead angle in the blank holder, curve and corner.

Dual steering wheel, dual seat operating system and movable operating lever meet the needs of dual seat operation. The operation is light and flexible, and the handle is comfortable, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the driver.

Sinoway can supply Pneumatic tire rollers which operating weight is from 10 tonnes to 30 tonnes for client choice.


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