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SINOWAY Amphibious Excavator Enters the Salt Lake

SWEA260 amphibious swamp excavator is working at the Salt Lake area of Iran. This excavator is a kind of middle size of amphibious equipment which can works in marsh and soft terrain or in waters up to 1.5metres deep. It is equipped with 133kw (180hp) powerful Cummins diesel engine and three strand heavy duty chains drive system. Two hydraulic drive motors are mounted on each end of the pontoon to overcome the big resistance arise from muddy land. Each pontoon has a dual sprocket arrangement driving chain and grouser bars on an even load sharing basis so it eliminates the fear of becoming immobilised through losing traction thereby making it possible to work where other machinery simple cannot go.

The material of SWEA260 undercarriage pontoons are made of weathering steel which has much better corrosion-resistant than normally carbon steel. And each undercarriage pontoon is equipped with 3 independent water-tight compartments to assure the safety of pontoons undercarriage at the maximum, when it works in open water. Besides, our amphibious excavators can be fitted with additional side pontoons for working in deeper water which allow them to excavate against spud legs and give the machine increased stability.

Amphibious Excavator (or pontoon excavator or floating excavator) is specially designed for maneuvering and traversing soft ground underfoot marsh areas where traditional excavators cannot go. It is extremely productive in dredging, erosion control and flood protection. The swamp excavator also provides efficient operation in waterways, river and pond shoreline construction, and can be used for maintenance and cleaning of rivers, lakes and other water projects. An amphibious excavator is better adapted for removing silty clay, clearing silted trenches, swampland construction, and shallow water operation than traditional barge-mounted dredgers.

Sinoway has 20 years’ experience in custom amphibious equipment manufacturing, you can go anywhere at any time with our amphibious equipment. Please feel free to contact us and our amphibious excavators are ready for the job.


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