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High-Energy Impact Compactor to UK

One brand new 3-sided Impact roller is about to deliver our customer of Europe.

This SWIC320 model of impact roller can produce 32kJ impact energy power, and the effective compaction depth can reach 1.5 meters.

High energy impact compaction or impact roller compaction is an alternative for traditional roller compaction method, where the energy is transferred to the soil by means of the lifting and falling motion of the non-circular rotating mass. The roller is pulled at speeds between 10-15 km/h to generate the most optimal effect. The method has the highest surface production rate of all compaction methods known today, with a coverage in a single pass over 100.000 m2 per day. Impact roller compactor is with twin steel drums and each drum cross-sections are 3-sided, 4-sided, or 5-sided to increase compaction depth compared to conventional circular rollers. As with conventional roller compaction, ground treatment is achieved by applying HEIC in several passes. The number of passes depends on ground conditions, the targeted level of compaction, roller shape and roller weight.

Sinoway impact compaction manufactures two types impact compactors – 5 sided and 3 sided compactors. The compactors are rated according to their energy output, the 5 sided being a 25-30kJ compactor and the 3 sided a 25-35 kJ compactor.


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