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High Energy Impact Roller with Tractor to Malaysia

Sinoway 3 sided impact roller with front tractor is going to deliver to Malaysia clients. This compactor roller will service in reclamations project several weeks later. The model of SWIC320 impact roller deliver to the customer this time is currently our best-selling product. It has three side shaped steel drums that can produce 32 kJ of impact energy at most under the traction of a tractor.

As one of the optimal pulling equipment for impact compactors, SWT360 4-wheel drive construction tractor adopts a high-power (274kw) turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine, this engine has strong power performance and rapid starting. Reliable operation and convenient maintenance.

It uses hydraulic power transmission and transmission power shift which can achieve stepless speed change and flexible power transmission, improving the performance of operation.

Fully hydraulic steering and articulated frame are adopted, and the supporting impact roller traction head is made of cast steel, with reliable performance, flexible and lightweight steering, and small turning radius.

The braking system adopts a dual air path system, with caliper disc braking, short reaction time, and safe and reliable.

Towing speed is crucial for impact compactor to reach a good compaction effect. Sinoway SWT360 tractor is with sufficient capacity to maintain an optimal compactor towing speed (12 - 15km/hr) to boost the productivity from 7,000 to 10,000m3 per shift.

Except for construction tractor, our impact compactors can be also towed by crawler tractors, wheel loaders and articulated trucks etc. which are with sufficient engine power.

To learn more information, please call us now at +86 13916004101 (WhatsApp).


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