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Excavator Pontoons to Canada

Sinoway just delivered 4 customized excavator pontoons to our client in North America. The pontoon undercarriages will be mounted on CAT320 hydraulic excavator in the near future to service in swamp land clearing at mining area, plantation and forest.

These amphibious pontoons are manufactured from high tension steel and they are atmospheric corrosion- and saltwater-resistant. Each pontoon has 5 independent water tight compartments with maintenance holes. The bottoms of the pontoons are reinforced for rough terrain operation.

Steel fabricated track shoes are reinforced by box design, enhancing the floating capability. Beside steel track shoes, we can custom aluminum alloy track cleats and ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene track cleats to meet different requirement of our customers. The track shoe is supported by triple strands of track chain offers the advantage of uniform pulling force and superior weight distribution across each track shoe.

The hard working sprockets, rollers and pins are made from hardened steel, reducing the frequency of replacement and frequency of replacement and costly down time. Four heavy-duty Doosan hydraulic travelling motor with big torque match to engine of excavator superstructure can drive the amphibious excavators to anywhere they want to.

Our company manufactures amphibious pontoon for excavator ranging from 5 ton to 40 ton excavators. In addition to amphibious undercarriage pontoons, we can also provide customers with various types of amphibious equipment such as amphibious excavator, swamp excavator, amphibious/swamp dump truck, amphibious carrier, amphibious/swamp buggy, amphibious work drilling platforms, amphibious jack up platforms etc. or custom any amphibious or swamp machine according to your requirement.


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