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High Energy Impact Compaction (HEIC)

SINOWAY just delivered one impact compactor roller with towing tractor to Mongolia customer.

This machine will be used for mining projects in Mongolia. As a star product of the SINOWAY company, SWIC320 impact compactor roller has good compaction performance and standby time, easy for operation and maintenance.

The high energy impact compaction (HEIC) or impact roller compaction is an alternative technique for traditional roller compaction method which is suitable for deep in-situ ground improvement.

HEIC is essentially a form of dynamic compaction, which is a process of raising and lowering a large mass from a height to achieve deep in-situ densification. Impact compactors similarly raise and drop the impact drums from a height as the module travels at speed along the site surface. The compaction work executed at depth is related to the momentum of the falling mass and the impulse generated on impact. With both dynamic compaction and HEIC the capacity to apply compaction effort is normally measured in terms of potential energy (mgh) input.

One benefit of the HEIC process is the uniform application over the whole site surface area. 5 sided and 3 sided HEIC dual drum configurations have been developed to optimize the effectiveness of HEIC for varying soil types and site conditions. HEIC specific energy inputs range from 15 to 32 kJ, with the weight and drop height of the drum modules ranging from 8 to 12 tonne and 150 to 250 mm, respectively. Varying the size, shape and drop height of the HEIC drums varies the specific energy input and thus the depth of influence and the magnitude of increase of the in-situ soil strength.

The usage of the high energy impact compaction is mostly applicable for shallow earthwork filling applications and is able to provide in-situ improvement to mixed fill, landfills and low strength natural soil at shallow depths typically in the range of 2 meters.


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