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Marsh Buggy to Columbia

Sinoway just delivered one SWSC180 marsh buggy to our client from South America. This amphibious marsh buggy will service in tailings project of El Bagre shortly.

Marsh buggy also called amphibious carrier or amphibious transporter is a kind of tough amphibious vehicle which can work both in swamp areas and river deltas.

If you often work on swampy ground, you know the challenges that this kind of terrain can carry when it comes to getting personnel and equipment where you need it to go. Sinoway marsh buggies can provide the perfect alternative to other less effective methods, getting you where you need to go faster and with no worry.

Our marsh buggy includes a pontoon undercarriage, an upper structure with cabin, engine and platform. Additional amphibious pontoons and hydraulic spuds can be as optional when it works in the deep water. The pontoon undercarriages are all custom-made to our clients' specifications, thus making our marsh buggies among the very top in the industry. No matter what the amphibious chore that you need your equipment to perform, we will make sure that your task has been what it takes.

Designed to function at its best on wet, swamp land, amphibious marsh buggy can handle the load of carrying a workforce, equipment and work materials between sites with ease and stability.

Besides, our marsh buggies can also be custom equipped with drills, seismic equipment, hydraulic cranes, winches and jackup legs/spuds which can elevate the platform over the water, according to your different project needs.

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