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  • 2022-10-30       SWG165-II Motor Graders to South America
  • The right motor grader can do just about anything a full sized grader can do and a few things that a big grader cant do, Mr. Juan Jose Canas said. His company just received five SWG165-II motor graders from Sinoway. These road machines will...

  • 2022-09-29       SINOWAY Amphibious Excavator Enters the Salt Lake
  • SWEA260 amphibious swamp excavator is working at the Salt Lake area of Iran. This excavator is a kind of middle size of amphibious equipment which can works in marsh and soft terrain or in waters up to 1.5metres deep. It is equipped with 133...

  • 2022-09-14       Pneumatic Tire Roller to Vietnam
  • Sinoway SWP2030H tire road roller delivered to Vietnam client recently. Pneumatic tire roller, also known as rubber tire roller, is a self-propelled compaction equipment, which is widely used for compaction of subgrade, base course and aspha...

  • 2022-08-29       Straddle Carrier Excavator to Domestic Client
  • SINOWAY just deliver two straddle carrier excavators with 300 ton per hour handling capacity to our client in China. Our SWE210LC-S Straddle excavator is equipped with 112 kw Cummins engine with 2.5 m3 coal bucket Straddle excavator is a kin...

  • 2022-07-22       SINOWAY Hydraulic Rapid Impact Compaction Rig in Middle East
  • Sinoway SWRD85 high energy rapid impact compaction hammer is working in a project in Middle East. Rapid impact compaction (RIC) is a foundation improvement technology that makes shallow, loose and granular soil dense. The soil treated by thi...